Seeing God Through the Psalms

Seeing God Through the Psalms

“Dark Days”

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Dark Days - John 18

“…for this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world-- to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice."  John 18:37

Dark days are ahead. They are the darkest in human history. The sinless Son of God, the Word that became flesh, now faces a hateful crowd, determined to put Him to death. The people who should have anticipated and welcomed Him the most were the most adamant that He should die. 

There’s a felt tension that should exist in the heart of the reader as they read this chapter. Did you feel it? An ambush in a garden of peace. A heartless betrayal from a close friend. A reckless SLASH of desperation from a frantic apostle. A fraudulent trial from a malicious priesthood. Denied three times by One He loved. The truth of God in the hands of a clueless governor. The One who brought life now faces His death.

Yes, I’d like to think that were I there, I would have spoken up. I would have stood by His side. I would have defended His honor. I would have pleaded His case. I would have fought for His freedom. But in being honest with myself, I’ve found myself acting like the others in this chapters. Times when I betrayed the Lord through choosing sin. Times when I wound an enemy in defense of a friend. Times when the Truth is mocked and I’ve remained silent. Times when my actions denied the Lord I claimed to love. 

Oh that these painful chapters, these dark days could be erased… could be replaced with more moments of joy and victory. And then Jesus reminds us, “I came for this purpose.” From His first steps, His path has been leading to Calvary. His time has come. Through His death, real truth is revealed. Through His sacrifice, sin is removed. Through the cross the path to God is opened. Through what seems to be defeat, Christ would claim the ultimate victory. 

There’s a reason the Word became flesh… a purpose. The reason was Calvary. The purpose was the cross. The purpose was me…was you. The Light of the world stepped down into darkness – the darkness of evil… the darkness of sin… the darkness of pain… the darkness of death. 

Father in Heaven, my heart pains when I read these words. What love! What grace! What darkness that surrounded Your perfect Son. In sadness I wonder, “Did He have to be betrayed? Did He have to be denied? Did He have to suffer such pain? Did there have to be a cross?” Yet I hear Him say those words, “For this purpose I have come…”. What an amazing plan you wove together from the beginning of time! How can I question Your love? How can I doubt Your care?  Forgive my moments of weakness, when in pain I forget about Calvary. Your Son carried Your will, Your purpose to the cross. Help me today to bear Your will, to fulfill Your purpose – ever thankful, ever mindful of Your love, Your Son, of His gift of life.