Seeing God Through the Psalms

Seeing God Through the Psalms

“Psalms 127-128”

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Psalms 127-128

These two Psalms fit together well. They point us to the blessing of family. He calls children a gift of the Lord (127:3), and compares them to arrows in the hands of a warrior (127:4-5) a source of strength and protection when trained and prepared. The wife is compared to a fruitful vine, a constant source of blessings (physical, emotional, spiritual)  to her home (like the woman of Proverbs 31) (128:3). His children are likened to olive plants – they may take a long time to mature and bear fruit, but patiently cultivated they can produce a crop that will last for centuries (128:3). 

The blessings for these families is conditioned in both Psalms – 

  • “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it’” – 127:1
  • “How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways” – 128:1
  • “Behold, for thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord” – 128:4

Homes that are a blessing to those in them are homes built by the Lord.

  • Men who lead their homes with wisdom, conviction, and love 
  • Husbands who cherish their wives, who constantly remind them of their beauty and worth, inside and out
  • Homes where wives honor and respect their husband, whose loving support is a constant source of strength to her man. 
  • Mother’s filling her children full – minds full of truth, hearts full of love, lives full of wonderful memories. 
  • Children who know they are loved unconditionally by their parents, and by their God who made them – who are taught to love God and live lives that honor Him
  • Homes that are filled with worship of God – songs of praise, prayers of thanksgiving are often heard here 
  • Homes where God’s words are read, are shared, are respected and treasured 
  • Homes that are busy in works of love – serving others around them, demonstrating kindness, sharing blessings that God has given them with others 
  • Homes where rules are made and enforced with firm love, helping children learn and grow into the people God made them to be
  • Homes that think, that speak, that focus on Christ – He is the heart of that family. 

I asked one of my children the other day, “Where are you going, and how will you get there?” Their answer – “I’m going to Heaven, and we’ll get there together.” Together. I couldn’t express it any better. The way we honor God through these amazing blessings, our mate and our children, is that we walk with Jesus, we live lives that honor our Creator, hand in hand – heart in heart, together we reach the goal of Heaven. Together. 

Wonderful Creator, giver of all that is good, You have blessed my life with abundant blessings. Were I to try to name all the good You have brought into my life, it would fill a lifetime trying to mention every gift. For that, I am so very thankful. Today I specifically thank You for the gift of my family. You have enriched my life with those I call my family, my mate, my children, my parents, siblings, and all extended members. Thank You for each of them, for the way they each have helped shape and mold where I am today. I ask You bless the home You have created, the family You gave me – help us to grow in our love for one another, and our love for You. Keep us safe and strong against the evil one. Help us, whether in the days of our youth, or in the days we grow old, to walk with You, and to journey home to Heaven together. For those in my family who are not who they ought to be, give them time and a soft heart to hear instruction and be pricked with the truth. Win their heart back Father. Let the words I speak and the example I set be one that blesses my family for generations to come. I can never thank You enough for these precious gifts. I can never thank You enough for the gift of Your Son. With all my heart I give You thanks!