Seeing God Through the Psalms

Seeing God Through the Psalms

“The Shepherd And His Sheep”

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The Shepherd And His Sheep

Psalms 23 is one of the most familiar and loved Psalms. It is a Psalm we turn to in moments of need. It is a Psalm that is not just for the cemetery.  It is a Psalm for life. We all want peace, satisfaction and contentment. Psalms 23 tells us we can have that. 

This Psalm is understood from the point of view of the sheep. David would be aware of the sheep and the shepherd. He has been a shepherd.  He knows what it takes to care for them. He also has been one of the sheep. In his life, he looks back at all God has done and provided for him.  He reflects how God has been present with Him. He remembers how God provided nourishment and satisfaction for thirst. He recalls God had restored him. David had faced death from a bear and lion. God protected him from a giant. Therefore, there is no need for him to fear. God walked through the valley with Him. God had been a comfort to him. God had provided direction to walk in the right path. Therefore, there is no danger. A table of great provision had been prepared for him like a special guest.  He had ben soothed by God and His cup was overflowing with gratitude toward God. There is only one thing to say, “Surely goodness and mercy have followed me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Look at what the shepherd provides for his sheep:

  • They did not lack a place to rest.
  • They did not lack peace.
  • They did not lack guidance.
  • They did not lack assurance.
  • They did not lack comfort.
  • They did not lack honor.
  • They did not lack protection.
  • They did not lack abundance.
  • They did not lack continual blessings.
  • They did not lack security.

Action items:

  1. Free of want and thirst, they could thrive. 
  2. Freedom from wander and facing death alone, they could be at peace.  
  3. Freedom from fear because of the presence of the shepherd, they could lie down. 
  4. Provided with abundance like an honored guest, they were loved.  
  5. Pursued by goodness and mercy, they would have a dwelling place forever.