Fall Gospel Meeting

Fall Gospel Meeting







David Watson presented some very powerful messages from God's word.  We are thankful to him for his work and effort for the Lord in bringing us these very practical lessons.  Full details on the lessons David brought are below.  If you would like to listen/watch the recorded lessons, you can find them here.

Sunday 9am - How Can We Know God Exists? - A simplified look at the powerful Design argument

Sunday 10am - Confronting Satan's Lies -  In our culture of false beliefs, we need God’s truth!

Sunday 10:50am - "That's Just How I Am!" - Eliminating the excuse that hinders our growth

Monday 7:30pm  - Spiritually-Minded Social Media - Harnessing the power of social media for God’s glory

Tuesday 7:30pm  - Why Do I Believe What I Believe? - Honest self-evaluation of our spiritual beliefs

Wednesday 7:30pm - Grandparenting For God's Glory - Grandparents, we need you to help shape the next generation!

 Morning lessons Monday through Wednesday at 10:30am - Tested By Fire - Staying Encouraged in a Godless Society