Getting Married

Our oldest grandchild, our grandson, was recently married. He and his fiancé asked me to perform the ceremony. Of course, I was brimming with pride and deeply appreciated them asking me. I try to write a fresh lesson for each wedding. I may borrow from one but try to never repeat the same lesson. For Cason and Charley, it was brand new. I also ask the parents of each one to write a little note to their child. It is always special. The notes are always filled with pathos and love. What a blessing to be asked and to be part of their young lives. Yes, it was emotional, especially the notes. Grandad had to work on grandad.

In the movie, The Lion King, the theme song is, “The Circle of Life.” It doesn’t seem that long ago l was doing the wedding for my son and his wife. “The Circle of Life” has repeated itself.  Two lives, male and female, as God designed, coming together as husband and wife to start the “Circle” all over again. Life will happen to them. There will be highs and lows. But they will live off love and be strong. 

Isn’t it amazing how two young people begin with innocence together? Their wedding day is the purest their marriage will ever be. You just want it to always be that way. The wedding day is the ideal. Two becoming one is the real. Two becoming one, what a journey! What a transformation! 

Marriage is designed by God to answer a problem man had. He was all alone. God said it was not good. So, God created from the rib of man, a woman. He brought her to Adam and gave her to him. Ever since, marriages have taken place. Homes have been established. God’s plan is still working today. 

Marriage that begins with the ideal must be protected. We must not take each other for granted. There is no need for it to turn sour if we will all be transformed into the image of Christ. If we practice the love of 1 Corinthians 13, we will always do each other good, not evil, all the days of our lives. So, when we make Paul Harvey’s “Tournament of Roses,” 75 years, the days will seem as though they were just yesterday. 
I am excited to see how Cason and Charley become one. I am excited to see them grow together and grow in Christ. Congratulations! Grandad and Nana love you both!

P.S. For my younger readers, Google Paul Harvey