Simply Do Your Best

No one ever regrets striving to do their best! Legendary coach John Wooden defined success as doing your best. For all the championships he won as head basketball coach of UCLA, he never talked to his teams about winning. He always talked to them about doing their best. When we do our best, we can do better. Our best will not be perfect, but it will be our best. If it were perfect, would it be any different than our best?

We can do the best we can to be the best husband and father. Husbands and fathers wear many hats. Those hats can be heavy at times, but if we simply do the best that we can in each role, maybe the weight will be lifted just a bit. We don’t have to be perfect, just do our best. 

The same is true of wives and mothers. Their roles are always many. There are so many little things asked of them. Big things too! To say there are a lot of balls in the air for them is an understatement. Sometimes they feel haggard and frazzled. They try to be perfect for their husband and children but all they need to do is their best. Their best will be more than good enough.

Consider, too often we get caught up in comparing ourselves with our perception of others. We see others as perfect and flawless, but we do not see behind the mask. We do not see behind the closed doors. No, we are not compared with others. We are simply compared against ourselves. We will not be perfect, but we can do our best.

Spiritually, we measure ourselves against Jesus. He is the perfect and sinless One. Compared to Him, we are significantly lacking. But all that is asked of us spiritually is that we do our best. We do our best to love as He loves. We do our best to be righteous as He is righteous. We do our best to be pure as He is pure. As He is holy, so we strive our very best to be holy.

Our best will not earn us heaven. But our best will compel us to do all we can to please the Father always in all things.

Rickie Jenkins