A Skilled Man Is Always In Demand

“Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before unknown men” (Prov. 22:29, NKJV). From The Message, “Observe people who are good at their work—skilled workers are always in demand and admired; they don’t take a backseat to anyone.”

How many times do people want a quick fix? How many times are people frustrated with cheap work that has been quickly finished? People want the hare, not the tortoise. People don’t want to wait for a skilled person. We love the end product, we just don’t want to wait to get there.

The man who excels at his work, or is very skilled, will not rush through the project just to get it completed. The reason he will always be in demand, or stand before Kings, is because he is known for his skill and excellence. He will not stand before the unknown men. It does not matter how big or how small; the man who is skilled will always be in demand. If he is faithful with little, he will be faithful with much. Big or small, it doesn’t affect the attention he gives to excellence.

Bezalel and Oholiab were two wonderfully blessed men who helped in building the tabernacle of Moses. God had gifted them in all kinds of metal and embroidery work. They were skilled with jewels and with building the glorious things that God required for the Tabernacle. Their skills, which were relatively unknown, were brought to the forefront by God Himself for use in constructing the Tabernacle (Exodus 31, 36). Their skill, that had been developed over years of hard work and a drive for excellence, landed them a job working for God Almighty. Being skilled at something requires work and focus. These are things that are valued in the kingdom of God. God desires for us to work hard. And not only that, but to work with skill and excellence. 

When a man has this level of achievement, we’re told that he’ll serve before kings and important officials. Such a skilled man will not serve or stand before ordinary men. His skills will make way for him, and he will be known widely. 

Today, people may rely on knowing the right people to get ahead--or hope for a big break to suddenly be noticed. The word suggests a more reliable approach--hard work and excellence. It is a reminder that time and time again men and women have distinguished themselves by being the very best at what they do. That is the way to true success, whether in business or in some skilled profession. Any other way to make it to the top will leave one very vulnerable. His vulnerability opens the door for someone with the necessary skill to replace him. When that is the case, the one who is there will resort to intrigue, betrayal, and many other kinds of wickedness to stay at the top. Better to let your skill talk for you, than to trust in your ability to be one step ahead of your competition. 

At the end of the day (or better said at the end of life), we will not get ahead that way. We’ll be known for our willingness to serve, and to serve with skill and excellence for the glory of God. That is the way to get ahead now. Even if you are unnoticed in this world, you'll be rewarded in the next.

Rickie Jenkins