Teaching Young Children

This past quarter I taught, along with Gerald Holt, the 4th and 5thgraders. What an amazing group of kids. I must admit I was a little fearful to teach them. I was not sure I could get out of my adult class teacher mode and into the mode that would relate to them.

I have learned so much from them but one class stands out to me so far. Gerald had drawn a map on the white board and asked them to tell where different towns and rivers and seas were located. As they raised their hands, with excitement, to tell the names I sat there thinking, “I have no idea.” They knew the geography. The amazing thing is the geography was not even part of the assignment for the class. Gerald just did it off the cuff with them and they knew.

We were studying the captivity and return. Each class, the kids were so interactive and knew their lessons. In each class we gave them activities that challenged them to look at the text being studied and answer questions or figure out scenarios we gave them. Gerald used several Bible study skills with them. For example, how to use cross-references. They got it. They knew how to look at the text and think through it. Neither Gerald nor I ever stumped them. I am simply amazed at them.

From them I have a renewed excitement about teaching. I have a renewed excitement about learning. I have a renewed excitement about just wanting to see them. I have a renewed confidence that parents are doing this work with them. And, that our teachers are phenomenal.

I pray that as they grow older into their high school years they never lose this excitement and forget what they have learned. I sincerely hope they continue to grow and Satan will not overcome them. Statistically 50% of our young people will not remain faithful to the Lord nor to what they have learned. Those statistics do not have to become a reality. Ultimately they will grow up to make their own decisions. But, until they do, let’s keep helping them learn and help them remain excited about the Bible and the Lord.

P.S. It is not just the 4th and 5thgraders. We have some awesome kids in all age groups.