Seeing Behind The Veil

Seeing behind the veil is so helpful for our faith. Elisha’s servant thought they were surrounded by an army so mighty and strong that there was no way that he and Elisha could possibly stand and win. Elisha prayed that God pull back the veil and the servant saw the host of the Lord’s army. Then his servant said, “They that are with us are more than they that are against us” (2 Kings 6:15-17).

Can we see behind the veil? Is it still true that those who are with us are greater than those against us? It takes eyes of faith to see. 

Look by faith behind the veil and see that we are not alone. The host of the Lord’s army is still on our side. Do not give up. Satan wants to blind our eyes of faith and cause us to trust our sight.

Look behind the veil and see the innumerable people who faced hardship, depravation, and abuse and yet remain faithful to God. Oh, we expect Abraham, Moses, Elijah and Enoch to be there, but what about that person who was a Christian who simply endured by faith and died in Christ. Nobody knows the name. Seldom, if ever, are they mentioned in prayers. Nobody much remembers them, but they were faithful until death.

Look behind the veil and see all the good works that testify for us. Kindness, gentleness, steadfastness, self-control and a refusal to give in to Satan. Do we think these attributes are insignificant? Dorcas was remembered for her good deeds (Acts 9:39-41). No one put her on the Spiritual Mount Rushmore. She simply made undergarments for people. The people held them up and told all she had done for them. Her works did follow her.

Look behind the veil and see God is waiting for us. He has prepared a home for His children. He wants us with Him (Rev. 21:3). Do we really want to be with Him? Do we want to be with Him more than anything this life can ever offer or promise? There is no satisfaction apart from life with Him! 

Life up your eyes. Look behind the veil. You will be amazed what you see. 

Rickie Jenkins