Transformation is so important for us to grasp. Being a Christian is not about checking all the right boxes. Yes, it is important that we do what is right. But even more important is that what we do grows out of who we are. Here is the process: if we get who we are right, then what we do will be right. It is important to know who we are. Being a Christian is not about mechanics. Believing in Jesus gives us the right to be children of God (John 1:12). Children of God please their Father. 

Once we learn that Christ is righteous, what will we be? We will not only practice righteousness but we will grow to be righteous (1 John 2:29). The Bible says, “He is pure.” (1 John 3:4). Then what will we strive to be? We will strive to be pure as He is pure. “Be holy as He is holy” (1Pet. 1:16). Then what will we strive to become? Holy. 

If we grasp that, then do we even need to ask is stealing okay? Is murder okay? Is dressing in a way that is shameful acceptable? Is engaging in dance that incites lust suitable? Does engaging strong drink produce fruit consistent with who He is?

The real question for the Christian is, do we care who we look like? If we don’t care in whose image we are being transformed, then the answers don’t really matter. If I don’t want to look like the Lord in my character, disposition, nature, teaching, and attitude, then why be concerned with things that are so evidently part of the flesh? 

On the other hand, are we being transformed into His image? If so, then do and be what is suitable to be like Him. 

Rickie Jenkins