Enjoy The Good Days

It seems our days are often filled with anxiety, frustration, and discouragement. Life gets heavy. The bills and the needs of our children. The management of our homes and relationships. All of that can seem overwhelming.

But out of all those days come the days when everything goes right. We accomplish what we wanted for the day. All the children seem to be in a good place. It was a good day because they all got along with one another. Our marriages are healthy and selfless. The job is a joy rather than a grind. The sun shines instead of the skies being overcast. The birds sing. Everything is bright. We need those days. Appreciation grows out of difficult moments. We see good in everyone and in everything all around us. The good days keep us trying.

How can we recognize and appreciate those days? Remember all the good God has done for each one of us. We must remind ourselves of how God has carried us through life. He carries our burdens. We cast our cares upon Him. Remember that time in life when everything seemed like we were doomed for failure and destruction? We made it through because God provided and protected us. On that good day, remember.

Further, recognize that nothing is as bad as it seems. Have you ever said, “There is always someone who has it worse off than I am?” When the storms of life come, and the dark clouds gather, remember that as bad as the days seem to be, the sunshine is right around the corner. Have you ever noticed after a severe storm the next hour or next day the sun shines? That is the way it is with life. The storms will pass. The good days will return. In the dark days, pray. In the good days, rejoice.

Also, be thankful for those good days. It is a challenge to be thankful when the days are hard. But when the sun shines, when everyone is healthy and smiling, thank God! Then, we can count our blessings and be thankful for them. It is so easy to forget when the good days come to remember to thank God. It is such a relief to be able to breathe. One thing I remember my granddad saying is, “The bad days will make you appreciate the good days.” Be thankful.

Finally, be humble. Good days do not come because of our strength and beauty; they are a gift from God. Be careful not to be like Job’s wife, “Curse God and die.” Oh, she enjoyed the good days, but when the hard times came, she stumbled. The mistake is that neither she nor Job made those days good. God did. Satan caused hard days to come, and she only thought of cursing God. Job had it right. He did not turn his back on God but remained faithful to Him. It is so easy when the good days come to forget God and lift ourselves up and think that we made the days good. Be humble.

Enjoy the good days! They are refreshing. Life is filled with good days and difficult days. Both have their place. Look past the moment and appreciate what both can do for each one of us. 

Rickie Jenkins