COVID-19, Sin, and Satan

Sometimes you just do not know what to do. This time in our history is so chaotic and uncertain. Most notably at present is the COVID-19 virus. I never thought the time would come in America that we would be brought to a standstill. Major business closing, food services closing (except for drive through and delivery). Churches canceling their assembly times. It is crazy!

It is really important that we keep a sense of perspective about us. I do not say this in a cavalier way at all, but this is life is not all there is. We talk about being with God. We talk about heaven. We talk about being in the presence of God. But now, all of a sudden, with this threat we are worried about this life. This is not the best there is. There is more to life than fear about COVID-19. 

What more could Satan do to cause us to take our eyes off of God than to be behind this virus? Just look at all the attention it is getting. But no one is talking about Satan. Sin, sickness, disease all are laid at his door steps. I am not suggesting in the least that we be any less than diligent to do our part in preventing the medical community from being overwhelmed. I am not suggesting that we are somehow less righteous or God-loving because we take precautions. No, we must be wise as serpent and harmless as doves. But what if we gave as much attention to God daily as we do this virus?

What better way could Satan use us to stop the work of a local church than to cause this virus? Many, including us, have canceled assembling together. While the majority of being a Christian as 90 percent individual, the local church is important for people being together to edify each other. Then, there is strife that is created by this virus. Second guessing, accusations, and talking too much about other people. Upset about decision made. Satan using this time to cause us to question the faith of others and even God Himself. 

What better way for sin to get a pass? With all the attention being paid to the virus, is anyone asking the question, “What happened to sin?” Is anyone asking, “Where is the concern for the plague of sin?” For every person affected by the virus, there are exponentially more that are affected by sin. Sin is getting a pass. Satan loves it. We are so focused on this virus that sin and Satan are sitting back laughing at us and our excitement about a virus. 

We need a sense of perspective. Absolutely! we ought to do all we can to be wise and prudent concerning this virus. But let’s not forget that the soul is far more valuable than anything this virus can touch. What if everyone had as much concern over the casualties because of sin as we do because of this virus?

Let’s not miss the mark. We are to be transformed into the image of Christ. 

Rickie Jenkins