Our Choice

“Every day we have a choice. How you see the world determines the world you see. Look for the good. See the possibilities. Remember, challenges are opportunities.” (Jon Gordon).

It's true. Every day we have a choice. We get to choose how we see the day. If all we see are dark clouds, issues, and disappointment, then that is how we will see everything else. However, if we see every day as an opportunity, every day filled with possibilities, every day filled with hope and excitement, then that is how we will see the world.

A pessimistic person is skeptical about everything: politics, religion, neighbors. Anything! That is who the person is. It does not just happen. No, somewhere along the way the choice was made to be pessimistic. That is their philosophy of thinking. We don’t have to go ask what kind of bent they will put on things. It will always be pessimistic.  A pessimist becomes that way because that is a choice that is made. No matter how bright the sun is shining, all they see is the dark side. That is who the person is, and the choices correspond.

On the other hand, consider a person who is optimistic. Again, did they just happen to crawl out from under a rock and “poof” they are optimistic? No. An optimist chooses to see the bright side of everything. A tornado is coming, and the optimist sees the bright side behind the dark cloud. There is not a catastrophe this one cannot see the bright side to. Everything this person sees is optimistic. That is who the person is. He is an optimist and acts like an optimist.

Further, when one is a believer, that describes who they are. It doesn’t refer just to what they do or how they act. It is not just to believe in God or believe some facts about God. It is the choice to believe in God. When we call people believers, we are talking about the quality of who they are. It is back of what they do.  They do things that manifest faith. They exhibit faith. But why? Because they are believers.

Believers have made a foundational choice to trust. Faith is a choice to trust. It is not a situation, but a decision. It is an adventure of the heart. Faith is an out-reaching of the inner man to search for that which is worthwhile. Faith is trust. It is a decision made in the midst of circumstances, no matter how they feel about the situation. Faith is often right in the middle of things that are problems, even with questions and difficulties.

People are believers because they choose to be. People are unbelievers because they choose to be. Two completely different kinds of people. Two completely different choices. Two completely different ways to see the world. Two completely different ways to see possibilities and opportunities. Also, two completely different eternal results. We get to choose the kind of people we want to be. Pessimistic, optimistic, unbeliever, or believer: who do I choose to be?

Rickie Jenkins