Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

“Day 15 (Numbers 15)”

Categories: 40 Days in the Wilderness

In today’s reading God gives His law regarding the offering of sacrifices. Each offering had its regulations – just another reminder that our God is a God of specifics. In this detailed chapter we find grace and judgment. Those who sinned unintentionally could offer certain offerings and their sin would be forgiven (v. 24-26). However one who sinned intentionally, knowing it was wrong and doing it anyway, would be cut off from the people (v. 30-31). Then there’s a vivid example of a man breaking the law – working on the Sabbath day (v. 32-34). It makes you wonder – did he just forget? Did he get distracted with his to-do list? Did he just ignore the law thinking, “It’s no big deal.” All we know is that he disobeyed God and was punished for it.

One of the ways God’s people were to be holy (set apart) like God was through keeping His law (v. 40). I found v. 38 interesting – the creating of tassels on the corner of their garments to remind them not to follow their own hearts/desires, but to follow/keep God’s commands. Do you have reminders in your life? Do you have something that calls your attention to God’s law? It may seem elementary, but it’s worth considering – do I forget God’s law? What would help me remember God and His law? Post-it notes in the car, on the fridge, on the mirror? Daily goals like memorizing a passage each day? Sermons on my ipod/on the CD I listen to in the car on the way to work? The Lord’s Supper is a memorial established for this very purpose – remembering Jesus and His sacrifice (1 Cor. 11: 23-26). If you’re like Israel, you might need a simple reminder, something to redirect your attention to God and His words. Don’t forget. Be holy. Be obedient. Let God’s word direct your steps.

Holy Father, I admit what You know to be true, I tend to forget Your way, Your words, Your commands. I let the desires of my heart lead my paths when I should be led by Your words. Help me to remember. Help me to be like You – holy – set apart in mind, will, and action – shaped and molded by Your words. I love Your words – they are sweet and soothing to the soul like honey from the honeycomb. Thank You for giving Your words. Give me a hunger for Your words, and help me to work to remember them and Your will each day.