Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus

“The Throne”

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The Throne - Revelation 4-5

The book of Revelation begins with the words, “The Revelation Of Jesus Christ.”  The book was given to allow God’s people to look behind the scenes.  They were going through terrible persecution for their faith.  Did God know?  Was He planning to do something about it?  

John responds, “Yes, God knows, and He is going to do something about your situation soon.”  That news gave theseChristians great comfort. And, it gives us great comfort to know that our God knows about our needs and is working to bring about His will. 

In chapter one, the introduction, we see a glorified picture of Jesus in heaven.  Then Jesus writes to the seven church words of warning and comfort in which He urges them to be faithful in the midst of their trials—that was chapter 2-3.  

Now in chapters four and five, God calls us to consider the situation in heaven.  We have a glorious picture of God the Father, and Jesus, the Lamb of God in Heaven.  There is a great contrast between chapters one through three and chapters four through five.  In chapter one, John is on the desolate island of Patmos, suffering.  In chapters four through five, heaven is filled with glory.  In chapters two through three, there is great confusion on earth, both within and outside the church.  In chapters four through five, there is order and purity in heaven.

Chapters four through five describe the throne scene in heaven, but they emphasize different truths about it.  Chapter four emphasizes that God is on the throne and reigning over His creation. Chapter five emphasizes that Jesus is the Lamb of God who has redeemed His people.  Put together, God cares about what is going on because we are His creation and we are His redeemed people.  He made us and redeemed us.

This emphasis is seen in the hymns in each section.  Revelation 4:11 says God ought to be praised because He, “created all things.”  Then the hymn of chapter five says Jesus ought to be praised because He “redeemed us to God” (Rev. 5:9-10).  Chapter four shows God’s control over the old creation, our physical life.  Chapter five shows Jesus in control over the new creation, our spiritual life.  

Chapter four is about God the Father.  Chapter five is about God the Son.  Both chapters are written to increase our faith in Them.  

The main message and overall purpose of chapters four through five is to show us that God is in control. He is not withdrawn from the world, nor unaware of His people’s plight.  He knows, He is working, and He will work all things out according to His righteous purpose—because He is in control.