Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“The Trumpets”

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The Trumpets - Revelation 8

With the breaking of the 7th seal, there are 7 angels, and 7 trumpets were given to them (one each). There’s something about Revelation and the number 7! 

Trumpets were used in various ways back in the OT. They were used to warn, to summon armies, to call an assembly, etc. (Joel 2:15; Ezek. 33:3). What’s interesting with these trumpets are their similarities to the plagues of Egypt. 


In chapter 7 the first four trumpets are blown, and with them come judgment upon the earth. We see the calamities on the earth – on the land, sea, waters, and even universe. The chapter ends with an eagle preparing the way for the final 3 trumpet blasts. They are called the 3 “woes” from the words of the eagle. 

To me, what’s most noticeable in this chapter is not the judgment of the trumpets, but what takes place before them. Before the sounding of these trumpets there is silence in heaven (8:1), and the prayers of the saints (pictured as the smoke of incense) are heard by God (8:3-4). There’s something to be said about a time of silent reflection, a time of meditation in prayer, before one acts or speaks. 

There’s also an interesting relationship between the prayers and the trumpets/judgments of the Lord (v. 3-5). One writer said, “[Prayer is the Christian’s] one form of direct participation in the rule of God” (D.T. Niles). Or, as Homer Hailey put it, “[In the battle with evil] the Christian’s secret weapon [is] the divine response to the prayer of faith.” This chapter reminds us of the strong confidence we can have that when God’s people pray, heaven listens, and heaven responds. 

Why pray for the sick? Why pray for the hurting? Why pray for our rulers, kings, and those in authority? Why pray about the harsh conditions we face in our life? Because God hears, God cares, and God answers (1 Pet. 5:7; Ps. 55:16-17). Don’t stop praying. 

“Gracious Father, it is an honor and privilege to speak to You, and to know You listen. There’s great comfort and strength knowing You care for Me, and will listen to my hearts cry to You, and that You will respond what is best – letting Your will be done. I long for the day we will speak face to face. Until then, draw me back to Your courts. Fill my heart with longing for Your presence. Like a deer who thirsts for water, let me thirst for You. Whether in news of great joy, or of sorrow and loss, let my first response be to come to You – to seek You – to pour my heart out to You. Thank You for prayer. Thank You for listening to someone like me. Help me today to listen to You – to hear Your words, to appreciate Your silence. Thank You for sharing this moment with me today, my Lord and my God.”