Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“The Little Book”

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The Little Book - Revelation 10

The 10th chapter begins with an interruption of the trumpets blasting. The last trumpet won’t sound till chapter 11. In this chapter John is told to take a little book, being held by an angel, and to eat it. We’ve seen something similar in Ezekiel, when he was told to eat the scroll (Ez. 2:8-3:4). Jeremiah spoke of eating God’s words (Jer. 15:16). 

John is told that the book will make his stomach bitter, but it will taste like honey. When we hear the sweet as honey, our minds go to Psalm 19:10. We understand just how sweet, how pleasant, how delightful God’s words are to our soul. We understand how they enrich our lives, how they comfort our hearts. But the words are also bitter – they will contain a message that’s unpleasant to hear – perhaps exposing sin? Perhaps announcing future judgment? Perhaps unpleasant due to those who would not heed his message?

Whatever this book was, the message was magnificent. John was to appreciate, admire, and accept this message. Perhaps one of the greatest needs for God’s people today is to consume God’s words. Our faith is directly tied to those words (Rom. 10:17). Becoming more like Christ, making His will our own, being reproved by His correction, finding hope through His promises – it comes from reading the Word. But catch the language – not nibbling, not snacking – eating – consuming the Word. Perhaps the greatest challenge we have is getting into the Word of God daily – reading and studying this word, thinking deeply about the things we’ve read – putting to action the things we’ve studied. It is digging deep into God’s words, making them become part of our hearts (Col. 3:16). 

Take in the questions that come from this chapter – what does the Word of God mean to you? Are you feasting on the Word of God? Do you have time daily set aside to read, think, and pray on the Bible? The message given to John is a message that applies to us – take this Word – eat it – make it part of your life – and make sure to share it (v. 11). Never underestimate the power of God’s word, nor the need for it in your life. Let’s come hungry to the table of God and find our fill as we feast on His words. 

“Holy God, how wonderful are You and Your words. I love Your Words. I cherish the time spent in reading them. You lead me through life. You comfort my weary heart. You fill me with hope. You show me who You are. Forgive me of all the times I fill up on the junk of the world, rather than finding my fill through Your words. Help me daily to come to Your table hungry, to come thirsty – only to find my satisfaction with time in Your book. What a precious gift You’ve given me. Help me to cherish these words, to consume these word, and to share these words today.