Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Behind the Scenes”

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Behind the Scenes - Revelation 12

Chapter 12 of Revelation is sort of an interlude to the main narrative we’ve been told. The first 11 chapters have given us heaven’s perspective of the conflict taking place. Chapters 12-19 will give us earth’s perspective. Much like how chapters 1-5 set the stage and showed us the behind the scenes, the scene of God on the throne; chapter 12 gives us a behinds the scenes look at the conflict taking place. 

There are 3 main characters described in chapter 12. The woman (God’s people), the child (Jesus), and the dragon (Satan). It is Satan who is at war with God’s people. He has since the very beginning. His purpose is death. His aim is destruction. Satan will stop at nothing to win the battle for your soul. 

This chapter gives us the “why?” Why was Rome persecuting Christians? Why were they suffering? Why do we today face persecution for our faith? One answer: Satan. The real adversary was not Rome – it was Satan. He used a world empire to persecute God’s people. 

What does this mean for us? Revelation is a book of victory. We read of the victory of Christ and His people. The victory is promised. Satan’s defeat is announced. And yet he is still hard at work. He will take as many as he can down with him. He will work to destroy homes, marriages, churches. He will use friends, family, brethren, nations and empires to accomplish his goals. Don’t be naïve in thinking Satan is done. Don’t be deceived into thinking that Satan’s influence is weak. And for each of us – be on guard – don’t let Satan use us (our words, our attitude, our behavior) to accomplish his desires. 

Can we overcome? Can we win? Yes. We can. In Christ we will. Verse 11 tells us how: 1. Stay in the Word. 2. Die to self and live for Christ (even if one day that would require my actual death). 3. Lean on the Lord – it is through His blood, the victory of His death and resurrection that hope, forgiveness, and victory are found. We sing the song, “In Christ alone my hope is found – he is my light, my strength, my song.” Can we overcome Satan? Yes – in Christ. Today live in Christ. 

“Amazing God, thank You for these words we’ve read today. They remind us of the conflict taking place from the beginning. The enemy is real. His weapons are great. His intent is grave. And yet we know that in You we have all we need – You are our strength and shield, our strong-tower and defense – by Your strength we will be victorious. Keep Satan from me today. Guard the hearts of my family, my mate, my kids, my brethren, and my own, from his evil and enticing snares. Help me see through his empty promises. Help me cut down his lies with the power of Your words. I know, God, that today I can live in You, and fight this good fight for You – and because of You – be victorious.”