Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Earth Morns. Heaven Rejoices.”

Categories: A Month of Victory

Earth Morns. Heaven Rejoices. - Revelation 18

In chapter 17 we read of the evil harlot who wears the name “Babylon the great.” She has made her war against the saints. But in a great twist, the horns of the beast she rides turns against her and bring about her downfall. 

Chapter 18 is the response to her fall. Notice that the chapter begins with that announcement (v. 2). God has remembered her iniquities and she is reaping what she has sowed (v. 5-8). Her judgment was swift and fierce (v. 8-9). 

The responses over her fall are different. Earth morns for the harlot, for Babylon. There are described as  3 woes, 3 laments in this chapter (v. 9-10, 15-16, 17-19). It’s obvious that this wicked nation held a great influence over the other nations of the earth (v. 23). 

The other response comes from heaven, and it is rejoicing (v. 20). Saints were martyred by this evil empire. The harlot and spilled the blood of God’s people (v. 24). God coming in judgement was a sign that 1. Vengeance/Justice was coming for the death of those saints, and 2. No nation/empire/force of evil can stand against the strength of the almighty God (v. 8). 

Proverbs 14:34 says that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.” When a nations sins have “piled up as high as heaven” (v. 5), this chapter reminds us God knows, and God answers. 

The call for us, as God’s people is to pray for our nation and her rulers, to teach and be an influence of God, and ultimately to “come out of her... so that you will not participate in her sins and receive her plagues” (v. 4). 

For our study, for the context of Revelation, chapter 18 is wonderful news. God has come in judgment against the enemy of his people. We’re now left with the questions: what about the beasts? What about the dragon? What will God do for His saints? Read on - the story is almost complete! 

Mighty God, You are strong and valiant. No one can stand against You. Today I pray for this country, for USA.  Bless her leaders.  Help them to seek justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly before You. Renew the hearts of her citizens. Open doors for the gospel. Change her course. Let Your truth spread like a wildfire across this country. Help me to be a good citizen today - to show the gospel in the way I live - to let Christ be seen in me. My true citizenship is in heaven, wonderful Lord, and that’s where I long to be.