Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

“Liberating Truth”

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Liberating Truth - John 8

Have you ever tried to walk in the darkness? Maybe it was an early morning run, and you tried to trek your path in whatever light the moon or streetlights could offer. Or maybe you heard something in the middle of the night, and so you creep through the house looking for the source of the noise. Isn’t it amazing how in the dark, silhouettes of the most simple things sure look threatening? I’ll admit that I’ve kicked a few coat racks! 

What do we do when we’re scared in the dark? We turn on the light. Why? Light brings clarity. Light reveals the truth. Light helps us see clearly. That’s why Jesus came. Jesus came as a light to this dark world (John 1:9-13). 

Isn’t that what John 8 is all about? Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12). In coming to the light one finds freedom from lies and deception. They see clearly (themselves, and others). There’s a relationship Jesus points out in this text between light and truth. The light allows you to see (know) clearly (rightly). They are both liberating (v. 32). 

Here’s the problem: not everyone wants to be free. Not everyone wants to know the truth. There are many who do not like the light. Those are the ones enslaved to Satan. Oh they believe they know the truth, but in reality they have purchased a lie. 

Just look at the Jews here in John 8 as a good case study of what happens when one opposes the light. They were slaves to their tradition, slaves to their pride – ultimately they were slaves to Satan (v. 44-47). They were unwilling to hear the truth of Christ. They were even unwilling to admit the truth about their past (v. 33). 

Here’s the point: slavery leads to blindness. They were slaves of their past, slaves to tradition, and slaves to Satan. It’s no different today. There are some who are slaves – slaves to addiction – to alcohol, to drugs, to eating/food, to screens/social media; some are slaves to pride, to work, to achievement. It is in the best interest of Satan that we remain slaves, blind to the truth. 

Jesus offers freedom. Jesus will help us see clearly. Jesus is the light to a world of darkness. When Jesus tried to open the eyes of the Pharisees, they tried to kill Him (8:59). There are some who when shown the truth, rather than listen, they lash out and attack in order to defend the lie.

Ask yourself today, would you rather be a slave of the enemy, or a child in the Father’s house? [8:36] Open your heart to the words of Christ and let the light shine in! 

My liberator, my redeemer, the light to my path – you truly set me free. Truth is found in you. Who I am, where I’m from, why I’m here – I can know it all through you. Satan sows his seeds of lies into this world. Help keep my heart honest, open and pure. Be the light to my path – help me to see as you see – set me free from the lies of this world. I trust in You.