Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Darkest Before the Dawn”

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Darkest Before the Dawn – John 19

John 19 is the fourth account of what may be the saddest and darkest day in humanities history. It picks up with Pilate having Jesus beaten within an inch of his life, the soldiers placing a crown of thorns in His head and beating it into place. Pilate then brings the beaten and bloodied Jesus back to the crowds hoping that was enough punishment for them as he had not found anything wrong with Jesus. But the crowds cry out “Crucify, crucify.”

Their reaction scares Pilate, and he asks Jesus one more time who He is, but receives no answer. Pilate tries to threaten Jesus but the only response given is “Pilate you have no power over me, everything that is going to happen has been determined.”

Pilate cannot deny the people what they are craving, so he hands the Son of Man over to be crucified. 

They take Jesus to Golgotha, drive stakes into his hands and feet, and place him between two truly guilty men. Pilate then puts Jesus’ crime on the cross for everyone to see, and it reads “Jesus the Nazarene, The King of The Jews.”

There He hung, the Son of Man guilty of nothing but trying to save His people. The crowd did not realize that this was their true King. They had been looking for a messiah of war, a strong,mighty military leader to bring them out from Roman rule and back to a position of power and prominence. 

What they got (and needed) was a King trying to bring the people back to a place of spiritual prominence. One who was trying to prepare them for the spiritual war with Satan. One who was trying to bring them into a kingdom of eternal joy, peace,and freedom. One who loved them so much that when He was dying, He still called out for their mercy and forgiveness to the Father. 

He then cried “It is finished” and breathed His last. He was then wrapped and laid in a new tomb, and the stone was rolled into place.  

BUT, praise the Lord this is not the end of the story! It does not end in darkness, hopelessness, and sadness. Just wait, like the apostles the disciples and ladies, for the next chapter is the rising of the Son! A new day for man, a day of heaven and hope!

Prayer: Father, your Son, had to endure so much for my sake. Thank You for sharing my burden of sin, for providing a perfect sacrifice in my stead that I may have a hope for that beautiful new day with You!