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Journey with Daniel

“Seeing God Through the Psalms”

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Seeing God Through the Psalms

Have you ever heard a song that touched you? That moved you? That expressed such real emotion? There’s something powerful about music, about songs. Have you ever been so happy that you just sang or hummed a joyful tune? Have you ever felt so low that the only solace you found was in a melancholy song? Are there songs that remind you of loved ones, here or gone? Are there hymns that when you sing them, though you’ve sung them hundreds of times, they still seem to stir your soul? 

One of the richest books of the Bible is the book of Psalms. It’s not a historical book, through each Psalm is wrapped in a historical context. Though found in the “Books of Wisdom”, the book of Psalms is not written like Proverbs or Ecclesiastes. The Psalms are a collection of songs. What’s so endearing about these songs is that they express is such beautiful and imaginative language things we have a hard time finding the right words for. They describe God in such glorious ways. They praise God with genuine and creative fervor. They express the real, raw depth of suffering and pain – and how captivating life is when lived by faith in God. 

This year, for our February Special, we’re journeying through the Psalms. We’ve selected 28 Psalms. Our hope is that through this month in the Psalms, we’ll come away with an enriched vision of God. The Psalms can help us in our worship. The Psalms can help us in our prayers. The Psalms can help us face dark days. The Psalms can help us more clearly see the majesty of the Almighty. 

Journey with us with month as we read through, pray through, and sing through the Psalms.