Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Daily Problems”

Categories: Seeing God Through the Psalms

Daily Problems

Psalm 40 helps us deal with daily problems and we all have them.  Not all problems are the same, but they are all challenging. This passage is so important for us today. 

David identified three serious problems in his life. First, is the problem of sin (vs. 12). David tells us of the overwhelming reality of sin in his life. “Innumerable evil surround me…iniquities overtake me…they are more than the hairs of my head.”  Past sins are easy to relive. The guilt can be stifling but, if we repent, God forgives. The Lord is the only one who can solve our problem. David knew it. Second, David’s enemies seek to destroy him. He pleads to God for help to drive them backward.  Haven’t we all felt that way?  Third, David faces ridicule (vs. 15). David turns it all over to the Lord. “Lord, please take care of this for me. I need you.” Haven’t we all felt helpless against enemies. Then, David thanks God for all his blessings and says it is his desire that all seek and magnify God (vs. 16).  Finally, David says what we all feel and think; we stand in need of God’s care because we all are needy. Not one of us is sufficient in and of ourselves. 

Those are the problems that David had to face. But how does he deal with them? He waits patiently on the Lord (vs. 1).  That can be hard because we want help now! When life’s dark days overwhelm, we do not feel like waiting. David says, I was sinking fast, but God saved him pulling him back to solid ground. David does what we would do; he breaks forth in a song of praise (vs. 3). As a result, others would be moved to trust the Lord also (vs. 4). People are watching us to see how we deal with the challenges of life. Will they see us wait patiently on the Lord and praise Him, or complain to the Lord? 

Next, David’s solution to his problems is to tell others all God has done (vs. 4-10). He cannot begin to list all God has done. They are just too many. How high can you count? Can you count high enough to list all God has done? If we are filled with gratitude for all God has done for us, it is impossible to keep quiet.  Look at how he describes God: God is righteous, faithful lovingkindness and truth. No wonder David proclaims the good news of righteousness. He can’t keep it to himself. 

Also, David finds a solution in prayer (vs. 11-17). David is saying, “Lord, you know me. You know my iniquities. You also know my enemies and how they seek to destroy me. Please defeat them. But, let all who seek you rejoice and be glad in You. Let your love and salvation continue.”

Action items:

  1. All people have problems but not all people seek the answer from God.
  2. No matter the problems, God is greater than the problems.
  3. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Seek God in prayer.