Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Psalm 100”

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Psalm 100

Psalm 100 is a psalm of thanksgiving. It is a psalm of praise. It is said that Israel would sing psalms such as this one as they traveled to Jerusalem to worship in the Temple. Isn’t that a great thought – worshipping on their way to worship! Rather than coming into the courts of the Lord (the place of worship) with complaints and criticism, with bitterness and resentment, with yawns and boredom, they enter into the courts with thanksgiving in their hearts and praise on their lips! 

Worship is important. It is a gift we give to God. The Old Testament language is “offering” or “sacrifice.” We offer our words, our hearts, our focused attention, our sincere admiration to God. We express the joy, the thanksgiving, the glory and importance of God in our lives. Worship exalts the King. Worship reorients our thinking. Worship helps us stay focused on the things that matter the most. Worship helps us magnify the Lord – to see Him more clearly, more greatly, than before. 

Psalm 100 is all about expressing thanks to the Lord. He reminds us that God is our Creator, our Shepherd, the giver of every good thing, our faithful and merciful Lord. Ephesians 5:20 says we should give thanks always, and for everything. Thankfulness stems from the attitude of gratitude. Some may say, “Saying thanks, well, it goes without being said.” Sadly that’s true. When was the last time I stopped and expressed my thankfulness – that I verbalized the words, “Lord…thank You.” 

Thankfulness is being able to answer this statement, “Because of God…”. How would you finish that statement? How long would your list be of what God has done for you? It would be a good exercise for today – take a moment and finish the statement above in prayer. Lord I give You thanks because… 

Entering His courts… entering into a new week, into a new day, with thanksgiving in our hearts! 

Lord of all the Earth, everlasting Creator, merciful Shepherd – all the paper in the world couldn’t contain the list of reasons I am thankful for You, for who You are and what You have done. Because of You I live and exist, I was fearfully and wonderfully made – You had me in Your mind before my time began. You have filled my life with blessings abundant – the greatest being Your Son – His life, His death, His resurrection. Words fail to express what His love and sacrifice means to me. O Lord, You are good, and with all my heart I give you thanks.