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Miracles of Jesus

“Daniel 9”

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Daniel 9

In Ezekiel we are told that Daniel had the kind of faith and righteousness that men like Noah and Job possessed (EZEK 14:14, 20). One of the reasons Daniel had such a strong faith in God is because he was a man of prayer. Chapter 9 of Daniel records one of his prayers.

This chapter begins telling us that Daniel has devoted his time to studying the Scripture, specifically the book of Jeremiah. He reflected on God’s promise of punishment on Jerusalem, and the ending of the punishment 70 years later. With those truths on his mind Daniel opens his heart and his lips in prayer to God.

Daniel expresses his appreciation for God, His righteousness (v. 7, 14, 16), His mercy and forgiveness (v. 9), His faithfulness (v. 12). He also admitted the fault of the people, how they have sinned and rebelled, and have been punished for their disobedience (v. 6, 13, 15-16). But Daniel ends with a plea—(1) restore the sanctuary (v. 17), restore the people (v. 19), and restore your name (v. 18). He pleas for forgiveness (v. 19) - the request came not because they were so righteous, but because God is so merciful (v. 18).

The amazing thing is how this chapter ends. Often we end our prayers and wonder what God thinks—how will He respond? When will He respond? Daniel didn’t have to wonder because while he was still praying the angel Gabriel appeared . He brought a swift and soothing words (v. 23), but also troubling words that God’s people would not remain faithful to the Lord and they would be punished once again (v. 24-27).

What’s the point from today’s reading? Men and women of faith build the habit of praying to God—thoughtful, consistent, humble prayers. Prayer connects us to God. Prayer renews our admiration for our King on the throne. Prayer realigns our purpose – no longer is it my will be done, but from leaving that prayer it is, “Your will be done.” Prayer reinforces our trust in God – the things I cam asking of God, bringing before Him, I am trusting that He will answer and handle in His time. Thus I won’t worry, I won’t complain about it, I won’t let it eat me away – not if I truly trust in the One I have cast my burdens upon.

Daniel’s prayers affected his daily walk. He was a man who lived as if he had spent one on one time with God. What if we were a people who lived as if we prayed – as if we daily spent time before the throne of God – as if we daily filled our schedule with God’s purposes over our own – as if we daily trusted in God to hear our cries and care for His people? What if we didn’t merely pray, but after amen lived like a people who just spoke with God?

Wonderful God in Heaven, what an honor it is to speak with You this day. I hope to never take for granted the blessing You have given to me of unlimited access to You through prayer. What a blessing to know that I can come with whatever lays on my heart – joy or sorrow – and to know that You are always there, always ready to listen. I’m so thankful for the example of Daniel, this incredible man of faith and prayer. Help me to pray more like Daniel, more often, more focused on You, more shaped by Your words. As You used Daniel for Your will and purpose I ask You to use me. Let my words, my actions, my life be used to teach, to influence, to be of positive service to others, to point others to You. Thank You for this moment spent together. I long for the day we meet and speak face to face. I love You Father. Thank You for loving me.