Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

“Peter’s Mother-in-law”

Categories: Miracles of Jesus

Peter’s Mother-in-law

Peter’s mother-in-law is sick, but… Have you ever done that before? “Is your loved one sick?” “Yes, but it’s just a cold… just a bug…just a sinus infection…” 

No, it’s not a paralyzing disease. No, it’s not leprosy. No, it’s not demon possession. It’s not blindness, it’s not deafness. It’s just a fever. 

But it wasn’t “just” a fever to Jesus. It was a woman who was suffering. It was a mother who was ill. It was a loved one who was afflicted. It was one made in His image, enduring the aftermath of the evil one. 

Don’t overlook this miracle. Don’t roll your eyes at what seems minor. Don’t miss this moment of grace. Jesus comes, takes her by the hand, and lifts her out of her bed, and out of her suffering. 

What did Jesus just demonstrate to Peter, the future fisher of men? No fish is too small. No soul is unworthy. The gospel is for all. Jesus came for all. The time, attention, and compassion He gave to Peter’s mother-in-law is the same time, attention, and compassion the world will soon require from this gospel preaching Apostle. 

Be on guard against the “justs” that enter our mind. Don’t downplay your suffering. Don’t speak for God where He clearly hasn’t spoken. Suffering, no matter how small in our eyes, is still suffering - and God notices every tear. God sees every pain. God knows every heartache. If anything, it’s “just” not right, it’s “just” not what God created; it’s “just” not home. But He came for the “justs”, reminding us one day it will “just” be perfect - and what a day that will be. 

Holy God, right and true, thank you today for this precious moment with a disciple’s mother-in-law. Thank you for showing us that no suffering is too small, no pain is insignificant, no hardship escapes Your sight. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that Your compassion and mercy know no such bias or boundaries. Help me not to shy from bringing my pains and concerns to You, trusting that You know, You understand, and You care. How great is Your mercy, how wonderful Your care. What a compassionate King You are, my Lord and my God.