Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

“Raising Of The Widows Son”

Categories: Miracles of Jesus

All of Jesus’ miracles go beyond the literal fact in that there are great spiritual lessons to be learned from them.  John referred to them as “signs,” meaning that they have significance beyond the outward.  They point us to something deeper.  Spurgeon said, “They are sermons to the eye just as His spoken discourses were sermons to the ear”.  Even so, this account of Jesus raising this young man to life and giving him back to his mother is saying something beyond the actual facts of the matter. It shows us that the life-giving word of Christ is a message of hope and power in a world of despair and weakness.

This woman who had lost her husband was now in despair over the loss of her only son (Luke 7:11-17).  Of course, she was powerless in the face of death. But Christ’s life-giving word brought hope and power into that dismal scene.

The Lord felt compassion for her (Luke 7:13).  He felt deeply for this hurting woman. She did not ask the Lord to raise her son it. This miracle came totally from Christ’s great compassion and love. It was all of grace. Just as then, today He is our sympathetic High Priest. That kind of compassion brings hope.  In our despair, we are prone to feel like nobody understands. Our loneliness intensifies the despair.  But to know that someone else feels with us brings a ray of hope.  We are not alone!  Jesus understands and cares!

Jesus’ words, “Do not weep,” would have been insensitive if He had not been able to do something about her problem. He is lovingly calling upon this woman for a spark of trust in Himself.  He is tenderly saying, “Look to Me!  I can do something about the cause of your grief.”

Also, there is the hope that comes through His Word. It was His word that brought this young boy back to life. The power of God’s Word gives us great hope, because it is able to bring change to our hopeless situations.  

The gospel is a message of compassion and great hope. It has the power to raise a sinner from death toile just as Jesus raised this young man. The life-giving word of Christy is a message of hope and power in a world of despair and weakness. Jesus is Lord over death When He spoke His life-giving word the dead arose, sat up, and began to speak. Christ delights to give new life.

Prayer: Lord there is power in Your word. We want the compassion that you had toward those who need the life You provide. We want to share the hope that delivers others from despair. May we be instruments of Your peace by sharing by Your word.