Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

Lessons on Leadership from Nehemiah

“The Resurrection”

Categories: Miracles of Jesus

It was the darkest day the world has known. Dark for the Jewish court who convened an illegal trial, and with no grounds for His death they insistently called for Jesus’ execution. Dark for Pilate. It was a dark day for the cowardly Governor who signed the death warrant for an innocent man.  Dark for the Scribes, Pharisees, and Jewish people who rejected Jesus as God’s messiah. Dark for Mary, the mother of Jesus, who stood by the cross with tear-filled eyes and a broken heart to see this unthinkable act of cruelty. Dark for the Apostles, their Lord tortured, for Judas who betrayed, for Peter who denied, and all but one who fled (Mark 14:50). Dark for Jesus. Humiliated. Mocked. Spat upon. Brutally beaten. Crucified on a cross. 

The day represents humanities’ lowest, our greatest failure.

“But God raised Him from the dead…” (Acts 13:30-33). The despair, the agony, the pain and darkness gave way to the hope, the light, the joy and victory of Sunday. That morning some women go the tomb expecting to see the slain body of their Lord, and they find hope, they find joy, they find an empty tomb, and an angel who declares, “He is risen, just as He said” (Matt. 28:6). God turned a bad day into a good day by the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Because of the resurrection Jesus proved once and for all that He is the Son of God (Rom. 1:5). There is glory in the cross and power in the blood – there is good news of great joy in the risen Savior who conquered death – Satan’s empty win gave way to Christ’s triumphant victory. 

God used what was black and ugly and turned it into something good. God turned a bad day into a good day through the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus – the giver of the abundant life, breathed new life into fainting hearts and breathless souls. The empty tomb dissolved despair – chased away doubt, cleared the fog, and renewed their strength. From despair to hope, from gloom to joy, from sinner to saint, from enemies to children of God, from night to day, from darkness to light, from hopeless to full of hope, from defeat to victory! Rom. 5:8-10 – reconciled through His death, saved by His life. I need to remember that no matter how bad the darkness of despair may be, there is a Sunday. The Lord lives. Jesus is alive. There is light. There is love. There is forgiveness.

The death of the Savior for many was a dark day. I’m not sure where you are today. You may be living in a dark place - in  pain, regret, sorrow over life choices - don’t live in despair. Don’t live in guilt and pain. Don’t keep living in the past and making the same mistakes. Don’t live in fear. 

Luke 24:5-6 – why seek the living One among the dead? He is not here. 

Colossians  3:1 – If you’ve been raised, keep seeking the things above where Christ is. 

Seek Christ where He is. He’s not in the tomb. He’s risen. He’s in Heaven. Come to the cross, see the Savior, bring your life to Him, but remember that after cross, Sunday comes. There’s hope. There’s life. There’s forgiveness. Come to the cross. Come see the nails, the crown of thorns, the blood. But come see the stone rolled away. Come see the empty tomb. Come to the living Lord. Come to Jesus. Come to Sunday. Come to life. 

Lord of glory, I give you thanks and praise because you live. You are worthy of honor and praise because you faced the cross, you suffered for our sins, you purchased our redemption, you rescued us from death. We know you are Lord because you live. The grave was empty, the stone rolled away, and through your triumph over the grave our victory over sin and death is secured. There are not the words to express our thankfulness for your love, for your sacrifice, for your death on our behalf. There is no anthem worthy enough to express the glory you deserve for the victory you gained over Satan, over sin, over the grave. Blessed be your name, now and forever, the great I AM.