Fall Gospel Meeting

Fall Gospel Meeting








Our Fall Gospel Meeting with David Watson will be October 6-9.  Please begin to make plans to attend what will be a great and challenging series of lessons.  Full details on the lessons David will be presenting to us are below:

Sunday 9am - How Can We Know God Exists? - A simplified look at the powerful Design argument

Sunday 10am - Confronting Satan's Lies -  In our culture of false beliefs, we need God’s truth!

Sunday 10:50am - "That's Just How I Am!" - Eliminating the excuse that hinders our growth

Monday 7:30pm  - Spiritually-Minded Social Media - Harnessing the power of social media for God’s glory

Tuesday 7:30pm  - Why Do I Believe What I Believe? - Honest self-evaluation of our spiritual beliefs

Wednesday 7:30pm - Grandparenting For God's Glory - Grandparents, we need you to help shape the next generation!

There will also be morning lessons Monday through Wednesday at 10:30am - Tested By Fire - Staying Encouraged in a Godless Society