Fall Gospel Meeting

Fall Gospel Meeting








Our Fall Gospel Meeting will be from October 3-6.  Mark Roberts will be joining us to bring some powerful lessons from God's Word. We are all exhausted, drained, and worn out after almost two years of a global pandemic, race problems, divisive politics and more, all on top our of normal responsibilities, stresses and problems.  What all need is a RECHARGE.  This week we'll seek the Word of God together to be refreshed and reinvigorated and have our zeal restored.  Let's work together to be RECHARGED!

Sunday 9am - I'm Tired of Being a Christian

Sunda 10am - Abiding Anguish - When Trials and Trouble Won't End

Sunday 10:50am - God's Word for Stressed Out Christians

Monday 7:00pm  - Finding Paul's Peace of Mind

Tuesday 7:00pm  - Rejuvenating your Marriage

Wednesday 7:00pm - Keeping your Focus on Jesus in Distracting World

 Morning lessons Monday through Wednesday at 10:30am - Discovering Treasure - Learning more of God and His Goodness