Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Satan Loses”

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Satan Loses- Revelation 9

We must be reminded that as John shares these signs and symbols of a vison, God shows him that he has not been dealing with literal hail, fire, burning mountain, sea of blood, etc. or now with real locusts, scorpions, and horsemen. The signs and symbols are used to convey ideas and reveal messages from God to man.  Neither should we become enamored with looking back in history for some terrible event. We need to see spiritual forces at work in the world of wicked men, forces which are symbolized by these monsters of the infernal realm. 

Chapter 9 is the ultimate expression that Satan and those who follow him will not be victorious. “As a man sows so shall he reap” (Gal. 6:7-8). If man turns from God and follows Satan he will live in misery (vs. 6). The burdens in the flesh produced by a life of sin are weighty.  There are many who live in misery as a consequence of sin. Disease, hunger and sorrow make life under the sun difficult. So miserable is a life of sin, man might rather die to find relief from his suffering, but even death eludes them. Sin produces its pleasure but it is only temporary (Heb. 11:25).  When the pleasure passes and turns into misery hurtful consequences follow because of the seeds sown. Life is lived in misery. Why would anyone bring on themselves such misery that produces bitterness and hurt?  The answer lies in the fact they were deceived by the things that at first seemed to be advantages. Fooled by fools gold. The promise of earthly pleasure, victory but ultimately, like sin, bring only calamity.

What is worse is there was no repentance (vs. 20-21).  This is the effect of sin. During war, it is said that when in great danger the most immoral men pray with all their heart. But once out of the foxholes and in safety, they return to their sinful ways.

We can see every day what sin does to others, and even ourselves: drug addiction, alcoholism, broken homes, shattered lives, imprisonment.  Yet cling tightly to hug this deadly serpent, receiving into their hearts and minds a constant flow of its poisonous venom. Both nature and revelation teach us that we must reap what we sow (Gal. 6:7-8). We deceive ourselves into thinking that we are the exception. How can the devil so blind the eyes of rational beings?  Because we are not always rational. Why will they not see that God has inalterably decreed that all must repent or perish (Lk.13: 3, 5). That they must turn to God or suffer the torment. We cannot live a life of sin and die the death of the righteous. And before we can stand righteous before God we must have the cancer of sin removed from our soul by the blood of the Lamb. And before that can be done we must repent (or turn) from our sinful ways and crucify ourselves, by absolute submission to the Lord's divine plan leaning upon the grace and mercy of God who made us.