Our Bible Classes

Our Bible Classes

Starting September 2nd, we will resume our Bible classes for ages 4 and up. The meeting time has also changed to 7 PM.

How can we follow God if we don’t know what He wants? Our Bible classes are designed to help all of us, from 2 years old and up, learn God’s word. These classes can’t replace individual study, but we see them as a valuable way to learn more about God’s plan for us.

Once they resume, our 2 and 3 year old classes use a program called Shaping Hearts for God, which takes them through foundational Bible stories from Genesis, Exodus, and the New Testament. Ages 4 through high school use a custom-built curriculum that covers the entire Bible every 3 years. All of these classes feature two teachers that work together to help our young people learn and apply God’s word. 

Adults are treated to a choice of 3 Bible classes each quarter Both evangelists and members teach these classes, investing countless hours so they can teach God’s word with conviction and accuracy.

Interested? Come and see!

Adult Bible Classes

  1. TBD (in person on Wednesday nights)
  2. Names of God (online on YouTube)
  3. TBD (online on YouTube)

Ages 4-High School rotation

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Israel's Wanderings
  4. Judges and Kings
  5. Kings and Prophets
  6. Captivity and Return
  7. Wisdom Literature
  8. Life of Christ
  9. Acts
  10. Epistles I
  11. Epistles II
  12. Epistles III