Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Whose Image Do You Bear?”

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Whose Image Do You Bear?  - Revelation 14

Chapter 14 of Revelation sets the stage for what is to come. The source of conflict and persecution has been identified. The workers of Satan were shown in chapter 13. In this next chapter three angels declare messages, announcing the impending doom of the beasts and those who follow them. The chapter ends with a reaping of the righteous (v. 14-16), and a reaping of the wicked (v. 17-20). 

Something we’ve noticed through Revelation thus far is the “marking” or “sealing” that has been done by God and the beasts. There was the sealing of  God in Revelation 7:3, and the marking from the beast in Revelation 13:16. Here in chapter 14 we find both markings mentioned (v. 1, 9). The marks were identifications of whose side they were on. Were they obedient to the Lamb? Were they servants of the beast? The answer to that question determined the fate of that person. 

It’s the same for us today. No, it’s not an actual mark or symbol we have on our heads and hands. It’s a life that proves where our allegiance lies. Are we living for Christ? Are we obedient to the Lamb? Are we faithful in times of peace as well as times of adversity? Who sits on the throne of our heart? 

No, belonging to God doesn’t mean we’ll be free from the storms of life, just as these Christians were not promised peace. But there is a greater assurance and comfort to be found in belonging to God. The temporal pain inflicted by Satan and his workers can’t be compared to the eternal reward promised to those who belong to God. As one poem stated:

“The seal of God is on his own, secure are all His sheep; the evil one may all harass, but God will surely keep. Not so, for those who do not trust in God’s own holy Son; On hands and head they’ll have a mark, but from that wicked one. World’s darkest night will then take place, no ray of hope breaks through; flee now to Him – He wants to be God’s sheltered place for you.” – Anonymous (John J. Van Gorder, ABC’ of the Revelation 

“Righteous King, I pray today that I may be found true and loyal to you. Satan seeks to lure me to his cause, and win the battle over my heart. But my heart, my mind, my words, my will – my life belongs to You. When the storms start brewing, Father remind me of Your promises. Refresh me in Your victory. Today I wear Your name, I wave Your banner, I fight Your battles, and follow Your footsteps. All glory be given to You – King of my life.”