Walking Through Ephesians

Walking Through Ephesians

“Serve Like Andrew”

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Serve Like Andrew - John 12

This is a busy chapter. Jesus has come to Jerusalem. His hour has almost come. There are so many notable thoughts through this text: Mary’s example, the triumphal entry, the mixed response of the crowd. 

There’s one detail I especially like from John 12. It’s about an Apostle that doesn’t get a lot of attention. When we think of the Apostles we think of Peter – bold, brash, powerful in words (sometimes to a fault). We think of Paul – the writer, the preacher, the incredible disciple of Christ. Here in John 12:20-26 we read about Andrew. There are some Greeks who want to see Jesus, and they are brought to Andrew, who will introduce them to Jesus. 

What do we know about Andrew? He was brothers with Peter. He was a fisherman. He was an Apostle. And… that’s about it. Now his brother – no problem. We could go on and on about Peter. He’s a bold preacher. We have many of his sermons. He performed many miracles. He was an elder in the church. He wrote two letters. 

Well what about Andrew? What letters did he write? None that we know of. What about the sermons he preached? We don’t have those either. Well what about his work in the kingdom? Hmm… 

What did Andrew do? Well, he brought Peter to Jesus (Jn 1:40-41). And he found the boy with the bread and fish and brought him to Jesus (Jn 6:8-9). And here in John 12 Andrew helped some Greeks who wanted to see Jesus. No, we don’t have any recorded sermons from Andrew. He is known for bringing people to Jesus. 

Now ask the question – Peter and Andrew – which one was faithful in their service to Christ? They both were. Which one was more important? They both were. They both served Christ in their own way. 

Here’s the thing – you may never preach a sermon. You may never teach a class. You may never write an article, bulletin, or blog for others to read. But you may be one who brings one to Christ. You may be one who introduces a friend to Jesus. You may be the one who invites a neighbor to a study. And that is very important. The one who invites is just as important as the one who teaches. The one who brings a person to Jesus is just as important as the one who helps him learn about Jesus. 

We all can serve Christ in different ways. Don’t feel bad if you can’t serve Christ like another brother. Serve Jesus to the best of your ability. Be an Andrew – be known for bringing someone to Christ! 

Gracious God, You know all things. What wisdom you had in choosing the men you did for your service, for your apostles. You can use men from different backgrounds, with different talents, and use them to accomplish great things in Your service. I know it is the same today Lord. While our efforts today may seem small to us, you can use our efforts to do great things in the lives of others, and in your Kingdom. Help me to see the value in small acts of service. Help me to do what I can with what I’ve been given to Your glory.