Journey with Daniel

Journey with Daniel

“Psalm 124”

Categories: Seeing God Through the Psalms

Psalm 124

“If the Lord had not been on our side…”. If. This wonderful psalm praises God for His protection and care when Israel had faced some dangerous times. While the specific context may be hard to place, it is a psalm of David – the man after God’s own heart who lived during some treacherous times. He faced battles against foreign armies. He lived as a fugitive, fleeing from King Saul. He faced a civil war against Saul’s son, and again later against his own son. He knew what it was like to live in dangerous times. 

Here in the psalm there are 6 powerful images given to describe the dangers David and God’s people faced: 

  • An animal swallowing it’s prey (v. 3) 
  • A flood submerging it’s victims (v. 4) 
  • A torrent rushing over everything (v. 4) 
  • Waters sweeping everything before them (v. 5) 
  • An animal grinding it’s prey (v. 6)
  • A bird entangled in a trap (v. 7) 

Rightly does David say, “Had it not been for the Lord…”. Don’t we say that. Were it not for God in our lives… Had God not been with us… Without Jesus… Can you imagine handling the storms of life, the tragedies that arise, the deep dark valleys of the shadow of death, the moments of searing pain and loss – can you imagine trying to live life without God? Who would we turn to in times of trouble? Who could hear us and perfectly understand? Who could provide a comfort that mends a broken heart? Who could provide hope, blessed assurance for a brighter tomorrow? Yes, family and loved ones help – but only in part. There is no strength, no comfort, no hope, no love that compares to what we have in God. Some live unaware of God’s presence and blessings (Matt. 5:45; Psalm 14:1). How empty, how miserable, how helpless life would be without God. 

David ends with a powerful testimony: “Our help is in the name of the Lord.” It’s thinking the thought, “If the Lord had not been on my side I would not have made it; but God is on my side and will continue to be, therefore I will praise Him!” We look to the past and say – “The Lord has helped me.” We look to the present and affirm, “The Lord is my help even this very day.” We look to the future and know, “The Lord will be my help forever.”  

Lord, creator of Heaven and Earth, I think today of all you have done for me in my life – the answered prayers, the comfort and reassurance through Your words, the daily strength, the hope through the resurrection – I know that without You I would utterly fail. I can’t imagine life without You – without leaning on You in times of need, pouring my heart to One who will listen, without Your wisdom, the comfort from Your presence. You have been my help and my strength in the days of my past – You are my rock and fortress this day – and I know that You will be with me in my days of need in the future. Life is worth living because You are in it – from everlasting to everlasting You are God. Thank You for helping me. Thank You for delivering me through those hard times. Thank You for always being with me. I praise Your wonderful name!