Walking Through Ephesians

Walking Through Ephesians

“Who Touched Me?”

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Who Touched Me?

Have you ever been in a big crowd, pressed in on one another? Like pressed in on a subway, each person crammed into one another. That’s what is happening here. There are so many people in this crowd that everyone is bumping into each other. 

That’s what makes Jesus’ question so funny. He asks, “Who touched Me?” And the response of the apostles is essentially - “What do you mean? Everyone has touched you!” 

But there’s a point Jesus is making here, because in this crowd is a woman who sought out Jesus. She came, she reached, she touched, because she believed. This is a woman who was out of options. She had suffered from a blood disease for 12 years. That’s 12 years of suffering physically, socially, spiritually, and financially. She poured everything she had into doctors and only ended up worse. But here came Jesus. She had to try… but rather than asking, she reached from behind. 

The question of Jesus indicates an important lesson: there’s a difference between bumping into Jesus and the touch of faith. Without a doubt other people who were sick or afflicted bumped into Jesus. But this is a woman who touched the Savior believing that simple touch would make her well. And she was right. While internal bleeding today would require deep investigation, medication, and likely surgical treatment, for Jesus it was only a touch. 

The question of Jesus was not meant to humiliate the woman, rather it was to highlight her and her incredible faith. What was it that made this woman well? Jesus said it was her faith. Don’t forget it. There are many who come and go when it comes to Jesus - but there are some who come and reach for the Savior because they believe who He is and what He can bring to their life. Don’t bump into Jesus as you press through your busy schedule. See Him for who He is. This is God in the flesh. This is the great physician. Like this woman, take time each day to come, to reach towards Jesus. Come…take…learn - just as He has invited (MATT 11:28-30)

Precious Savior, what a wonderful story You recorded in Your gospels. I thank You for sharing the faith of this incredible woman. May I have the faith that comes reaching for Your power, that comes pleading for Your grace. Help me not to be as the many who pass right on by, not realizing who was in their midst. You have invited us to come to You, to experience genuine rest. Help me to see You, even in the midst of a crowded schedule, and always press through to You. Thank You for making time to hear us when we pray, as You gave this woman the time to pour out her heart. No matter how desperate or empty I become, help me to remember to always bring my cares and concerns to You, the One who can do all things. All glory to You, beautiful Lamb of God. In Jesus name, Amen.