Walking Through Ephesians

Walking Through Ephesians

“Raising Of Lazarus”

Categories: Miracles of Jesus

Jesus had good friends just like we do. Among them are Mary, Martha and their brother Lazarus (John 11). Word comes to Jesus that Lazarus is sick and about to die. Instead of dropping what He was doing He delays coming for two days. During that brief span of time Lazarus dies. Mary and Martha both appeal to Jesus that if He had come sooner Lazarus would not have died. 

There are two phrases in this event that are worthy of great thought. First, one of the most powerful thoughts in the text is this, it says literally, “Jesus troubled Himself”     (John 11: 33). When Jesus was face to face with death, and He saw what it did to people, it trouble Him. He came to show us He understands. So, Jesus troubled Himself. Jesus felt pain and the hurt that we feel when we are by the grave. He doesn’t just care how you hurt He knows how you feel. Jesus did not have to feel what we feel when we hurt.  He chose to do it.  

Second, So, He said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?” He is saying, “Martha,all you’re seeing in the problem. All you’re seeing in the corpse. Remember you were saying just a few minutes ago, you were calling Me the Son of God. Have you forgotten that’s what you said?  Have you forgotten who I am?  Don’t get wrapped up in the corpse, focus on Me.”

Now, I want you to notice something here that to me is powerful. “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” Jesus didn’t say, “If you believe I’ll do the miracle. He said, “Listen, if you believe you’re going to see the glory of God!”  You see, Jesus was going to raise Lazarus whether Martha believed or not. She didn’t have to believe to see her brother come out of that tomb. But she had to believe to see the glory of God when Lazarus came out of the tomb! 

So, Jesus is saying, “Martha don’t just see a corpse come alive, but see God reveal Himself. I believe that is a principle we must learn today. All most people see when God answers their problem is the answer to their problem. All they saw when Lazarus came out of that tomb was an answer to a death.  But when Lazarus came out of that tomb what a lot of them did not see was God at work in that situation.  

Jesus said, “You have got to believe, not to see the miracle, but you’ve got to believe to see the glory of God in the miracle.”  God is doing great things every day. God raised the sun today.  A lot of people see the sun raise, but not very many of them saw the glory of God.

The raising of Lazarus from the dead was the sign that climaxed all other signs and gave indisputable proof to the claim. Standing before the tomb of His friend who had died, Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.” Immediately the living body of Lazarus camo forth.

Jesus had now confirmed His claim to be able to raise the dead and His claim that He is the resurrection and the life. He had proved Himself to be the master over death and the giver of life.In this sign He has given His personal guarantee that everybody now lying in the tomb will some time hear His voice and beraised. Eventually, the glory of God will be seen by all!

Prayer: Lord, please give eyes of faith to see Your glory.