Walking Through Ephesians

Walking Through Ephesians

“Walking Through Ephesians - Day 7”

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Ephesians 3:14-21

Paul’s second prayer has four parts. 

First, there are four “that’s:

-           That he would grant you to be strengthened with might in the inner man- soul of man, strengthened with strength, strengthened with might- spiritually strong.

-           That Christ may dwell in your heart. What kind of relationship does He have with us? He has a ruling relationship with us. He rules our minds. If Christ rules our minds, the strength in the inner man will be strong spiritually. When we are strong spiritually and Christ rules and directs our minds, then we are going the right direction.

-           That you may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the width and length and the depth and height - and know the love of Christ which passes knowledge.

-           That you may be filled with the fullness of God (filling something like a bucket and fill it full to the capacity; all of that which belongs to God is complete). How adequate are the riches in His glory.


Paul closes with a beautiful statement to describe the majesty of God’s power. A hymn of praise to God, to ascribe to Him the glory and praise and exaltation due Him, in the saved relationship, the church. It is the foundation of faith and undergirds our faith in God.

What is God able to do? We come to a point in which we have exhausted all we can ask or think. God can do above all we ask or think, and even more. He can do exceedingly above. And, even more, He can do exceedingly, abundantly, above. We say, “I just don’t see how…”

How could God hear all the prayers?  One fellow prays for rain for his crops, a fellow next door prays for it not to rain, because his crops are different. We can’t figure out how He could listen to all of it and know what to do with all of it. Our faith needs to be such that when we have gotten as far as we can figure out, then God’s capacity is above, exceedingly above, exceedingly, abundantly above!

His power is beyond anything we ever thought. To Him be glory in the church to all generations forever and ever, Amen. A statement of praise when we comprehend the majestic power of God and the ability of God.