Our Bible Classes

Our Bible Classes

If we're to follow God, knowing the Bible is key. While no amount of group Bible study can replace an individual's time with God's Word, we believe in making the most of our opportunities to be together. That's why we focus so much effort on our Bible classes.

For children ages four to high school we offer a repeating three-year survey of the Bible, covering everything from creation to Revelation. It's a curriculum we came up with almost 30 years ago, and we've been refining and improving it ever since.

New this past summer is a fresh curriculum for our two and three year old classes, called "Shaping Hearts for God". In this yearly rotation we introduce young ones to foundational Bible stories from Genesis, Exodus, and the New Testament.

Each quarter our adult Bible classes give members and visitors three options: an Old Testament class, a New Testament class, and a topical class. These are taught both by our evangelists and members, and our teachers spend countless hours preparing themselves to teach God's word accurately and with conviction.

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Current Adult Bible Classes

  1. The Life of Christ
  2. Deuteronomy: The Gospel According to Moses
  3. Church History

Ages 4-High School rotation

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Israel's Wanderings
  4. Judges and Kings
  5. Kings and Prophets
  6. Captivity and Return
  7. Wisdom Literature
  8. Life of Christ
  9. Acts
  10. Epistles I
  11. Epistles II
  12. Epistles III