Walking Through Ephesians

Walking Through Ephesians


Categories: Lessons on Leadership

We’ve reached the end of our February special. A month in Nehemiah. A month with one of the greatest leaders who’s walked this earth. What makes leaders like Nehemiah great is that they follow the wisdom and guidance of God. They are molded by compassion, touched by the needs and cares of people. They are driven by conviction, protectors of integrity, and most importantly they are people of faith. 

The reason the leadership of Nehemiah is so impressive is because he points us to the greatest leader there is – to Jesus. It was Jesus who saw people as sheep without a shepherd. It was Jesus who predicated and punctuated each day in prayer. It was Jesus who provided the perfect example to follow – who lived in self-control. It was Jesus who invested His life in His Creation – in people. 

Leadership is about people – and God is about people. He cares for people. Jesus came for people. His teaching was to instruct people. His miracles were to bless people, pointing people to the evidence of who He was. The cross was for the sins of people. The empty tomb provides living hope for people. “The word became flesh and dwelt among us…” (John 1:14) – among who? Among people. 

Leadership is about people. All around us are people God has placed in our lives – our mates, our children, our brethren, our neighbors, our extend families, our coworkers. I may never hold a formal office or role, or be recognized in public ways, but my life and example will influence another. Where is my life leading others who see and hear me each day? What influence am I bringing into their life? Within each person is the potential for change, for maturing and for growth. Within each person is the potential to become more and more like Jesus. Though there are times and situations that require intentional planning and direction, much of our influence flows from the daily devotion to Christ, and commitment to walking the way that’s right. 

May God bless the influence of our lives to point all who see it closer and closer to Jesus. 

“Our Faithful Leader, You are our greatest influence. Your word guides our feet. Your Son is our pattern and example. Your praise and glory is our aim. Your home is our reward. Lead us onward Father. And bless the influence of our lives to impact another for You.”