Our Love For God

“Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; let such as love Your salvation say continually, ‘The Lord be magnified’” (Psalms 40:16).

When we value something, we want everybody to see what we see in it. The musician turns up the volume, gets bigger speakers, and blows the doors off of a concert, and the gallery owner chooses that special frame in which to frame his work, placing that work in a special place with just the right amount of light at just the right angle.

In that same way, we “magnify” our perceptions of God when we portray Him as wonderful, beautiful, and awesome. We carefully choose our words, or even shout spontaneous praise for God. We delight in His greatness, goodness, and our amazement that He loves us so much. We show others how great He really is.

But that is not all that happens. When we really value something, like that artwork, something also happens to our hearts–they’re transformed by the praise. Our love for the musician, art, or our Creator grows and our loyalty soars.

When we magnify God, we give Him the praise for which He is completely worthy, and as we praise Him our love and loyalty to Him grows.

What if we so valued the church that way? What if we so valued our marriages that way? What if we placed such value on the church or marriages that when we speak of others we extolled their beauty and how they show God’s wisdom? How would that transform us and our love for God? How would our relationships improve as we’re being transformed, becoming more loyal all the time?