Too Much Honey

“It is not good to eat much honey; so, to seek one’s own glory is no glory” (Proverbs 25:27).

Here is a great proverb with a valuable lesson. A person’s conduct is compared to a natural fact. Solomon used the universal knowledge of honey’s sweetness to condemn the ambition and desire of men to seek their own praise.

A little honey goes a long way. A small amount can satisfy our taste and appetite. Overeating honey can make a person wish he hadn’t.  Overindulging will bring nausea and sickness (Prov. 25:16). In the very same way, desiring or seeking praise from men, to bring ourselves more glory, is not glory. It is disgusting, nauseating, and shameful.

Remember when Herod was acting like a god? Oh, he was glorious, arrayed in glorious apparel. He sat on his throne giving the people an oration. The people kept shouting, “The voice of a god and not of a man” (Acts 12:21-22). Oops! He ate too much honey. He did not give God the glory and was immediately struck. He died a loathsome death eaten by worms. Seeking his own glory was no glory.  

The vain and proud, rob God of His glory. Could that be why not many mighty, not many noble, are called by the gospel? They are too busy eating much honey. They seek their own glory, which is not glory. God seeks those who do not glory in the flesh but in His presence.

One’s reputation is of great value. It enables a person to be useful to others, but we must remember to give the glory to God. Just as eating too much honey will make one sick, it is also loathsome for one to seek his own honor and glory. We use the gifts God has given us not to draw attention to ourselves, but to give God the glory so that others can be drawn to him.

Eating too much honey not only will make a person sick, it will also make a person fat. The honey comes with the accolades of others. Reading our own press clippings will inflate the ego. Compliments and praise are good, but they must be kept in proper perspective. Just as honey is sweet to the taste, so is praise to our ears. If not careful, soon a person can be stuffed and nauseous from eating too much praise.

Honey is beneficial. So is a person’s value. If we keep both in their proper place, both are tremendously beneficial.

Rickie Jenkins