A World Without God

Can we not see? (I use “we” in the sense of people everywhere.) Can we not see that a world without God is evil? Can we not see that a world without God makes human life a disposable commodity. Can we not see that without God there is no right or wrong? Can we not see that without God that selfishness can express itself without any consequences? Can we not see that a world without God is putrid?

The world has just gone mad. The world has been mad. Randomly taking innocent life is evil personified. Little ones who are innocent are murdered. Mom’s and Dad’s out for a day of relaxation with their family. Young people simply milling around. Innocent life is taken from the womb. All because a woman says she has control over her body. Senseless. Life is taken simply because someone decided that is what they want to do to be noticed. In one instant, their life comes to a tragic end. This is madness! This is the world where Satan reigns.

This is probably an oversimplification, but if all man came from a one cell ameba that belched from pond scum who evolved to be a worm, who evolved to be a larger beast, then why would man be any different than the beast he came from? What do animals do? They kill each other, at times for no other reason than they are mad. In the animal world it is the ultimate survival of the fittest. The one who is the biggest, meanest, and most ferocious, rules. There is no concern for any other animal. Is that what man has become? Have we just become glorified animals?

No, we are not animals. There is a God! He created us! We are made in His image! We are designed for good. We are designed to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are made to help someone who is hurting, like the good Samaritan. We are created to value life. We hold life precious and protect it. We protect those who cannot protect themselves, the innocent. We leave vengeance to God. We do good to those who hurt us. We pray for those who spitefully use us. We speak well of those who curse us. We don’t return evil for evil. We overcome evil with good.

If something in life happens to any one of us, there is another option other than killing innocent people. We can turn the other cheek. We can treat them as we would want them to treat us. We can come to God. Life is absolutely not fair. It was not fair that Jesus had to die on the cross. But, even in the midst of injustice, God provided grace. 

Man needs God today, maybe more than ever. Man needs the saving gospel. Man needs to be transformed to be like Jesus. Man needs a greater purpose. Man needs to look to a home whose builder and maker is God.

I realize it is pollyannish, but can’t we all look for a less harmful option than taking innocent life? We don’t have to kill each other. We must not let sin destroy us! “Today is the day of salvation!”

We get to choose!

Rickie Jenkins