Morning Sweetheart

“Morning Sweetheart

Unusually, he slept until about 10:00 in the morning. Just as unusual, she was already up. Unable to help or serve as she had previously been able to do for almost 76 years. She said, “Morning sweetheart.” As he was putting on some Hey Dudes, she asked, “Can I take your other shoes to the bedroom?”  She couldn’t have done that without great assistance, but it didn’t stop her from doing what she had always done for him for so many years. Both are on a walker and walking has varying degrees of difficulties for them. 

She is my mother. He is my dad. As I was helping them this morning, I was struck by the deep love that they still have for each other. Even with great difficulty, she continues to serve him.

I ask myself, is this an anomaly? Hopefully, among God’s people, it’s not. It’s easy to point out the marriages that have fussing and fighting. It’s easy to point fingers at marriages that fail. But I would like to change that narrative. There are many, many marriages that are good. Many marriages where both men and women do their best to reflect Christ and the church. That does not mean perfect or flawless, but it does speak of commitment, longsuffering, and determination. 

May I offer a few thoughts for implanting that love of Christ for each other?  First, there is the love we have for Christ that is above any other love. Because of our love for Him, we strive to please Him in our relationships. “Love the Lord thy God…”.  Doesn’t that motivate us to love our mates as He loved us? There will be bumps in the road, ups and downs, but we must never give up that love for the Lord. The love of Christ compels us.

Second, may I suggest sacrifice. Christ’s love was measured by sacrifice and proven by action. He gave Himself.  If both husband and wife are giving themselves to each other, then there is no time to think of one another’s shortcomings. In our “me” culture, sacrifice for the good of another is missing. Each wants their own rights. In marriages when we say, “I do”, we are saying, “I give myself to you, for your good, all the days of my life.”

Third, may I suggest treasure. I realize the parable of the hidden treasure is not about marriage, but consider this; if a husband and wife value each other so that they would do anything to have the treasure of one another, how few issues would their marriage have? Am I willing to pay any price for the rich treasure of my mate? When we value each other, nothing is worth the price of losing that rich treasure. We must sell all that we have to have the rich blessing.

“Morning sweetheart.” Those words ring in my ear.  I hope they never fade. 


Rickie Jenkins