Facing Our Discord

Series: Facing Life's Storms

The third in David Banning's series on "Facing Life's Storms". How do we face discord among brethren when it comes?

  1. Accept reality. Even in the first century Christians had trouble with each other (Acts 5, Acts 6, 1 Corinthians, etc.). Problems happen.
    1. Sometimes our discord is because of bad people doing bad stuff.
    2. Sometimes our discord is because of immaturity, such as Simon in Acts 8. None of us matures all at once.
    3. Sometimes our discord is because of spiritual weakness, such as Peter in Galatians 2.
  2. Recode the cause of bad behavior. Don't jump to "this person is evil!"
    1. Don't leave the Lord because of something someone does to you.
    2. Don't just jump to another church. There are people there, too....
  3. Be a pillar.
    1. Help hold up the church. Be a peacemaker.
    2. Support the leaders when they must remove someone in sin.
    3. But if the battle of truth and error is lost, it's time to leave.
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