Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Birthday’s

We often celebrate birthdays. A one-year-old celebrates by plunging his hands into his cake and getting it all over his face. Husbands are told, “Never miss your wife’s birthday.” There are even special birthdays. Turning 50, 70, or 90 are special. For a teenager their special day is accompanied by finally getting their driver’s license. We mark them. We don’t miss them.

Consider, do we celebrate our second birthday? The day of our new birth. Our physical birthday is vitally important. There is no life without it. Equally important, if not more important, is the day of our new birth in Christ. Without it, there is no eternal life. 

Our new birth brings many spiritual blessings. There is forgiveness, adoption, acceptance, the mystery being revealed, and the promise of eternal life.  There is a marvelous opportunity every Lord’s Day to remember our Lord in His memorial. Through Him we have a hundred-fold more brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers. We don’t walk alone. We have the assurance that the Father hears our prayers. We have an intercessor that continues to intercede for us.

Maybe we should at least personally pay more attention to when our new birth took place. However, if we don’t, there is no worry. Our hope is based on a promise, not a birthday celebration. Further, every Lord’s Day we celebrate why our new birth means anything at all. When we celebrate what Christ did for us and the redemptive price He paid with His blood, that celebration transcends any birthday.


Rickie Jenkins